Peacock Palettes Are Here to Stay

Get Ready to Strut

Beautiful purples and blues with rich pops of pink and green can only mean one thing. Our collection of peacock-hued dresses is finally here! As we approach August’s midway point (Can you believe it?!) fresh jewel tones nod to cooler weather in a way that feels just right.

(And in the seasonless fabrics you know and love, you can wear now and enjoy later!)


The Tomeka Dress

We love everything about this dress! With an exciting new combination of prints (Modern geo meets classic florals? Yes, please!), and the perfect marriage of cool and warm tones, Tomeka is sure to be the next “Where’d you get that?” dress in your wardrobe.


The Mulberry Dress

in Deep Orchid


The Lex Dress

in Pine


The Gigi Dress

in Orchid

Oh. My. Purple. Inspired by some of our all-time bestselling silhouettes, our Gigi Midi was designed to be everything you need–and more. In a creative new orchid hue that’s energetic, confident, and uniquely feminine all at once, this special dress is sure to make an impact.


The Ayzia Dress

in Navy Blue


The Lois Dress

in Pine

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