Maggy Takes Miami: Introducing Spring 2019

A Note From the Team

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At the heart of every woman is a lifetime’s worth of love, support and encouragement from the women around her. We dedicate days to celebrate special women who have shaped us – Mother’s Day for the strong women who raised us, Boss’s Day for the women who inspire us to keep climbing – but there isn’t a calendar holiday that says “thank you for being my friend through it all.”

Whether it’s a favor as simple as meeting for drinks after a rough day at work, or something that roots a little deeper – like listening when you need a second opinion on a sensitive disagreement, or checking in with you during months that seem impossible – our girlfriends are the family we choose.

With warmer days ahead, it’s time to celebrate life with the ladies who have been there through it all; to enjoy time together and honor the bonds you’ve nurtured so carefully…and the perfect way to do it? A girls’ trip! With spring in full bloom, take this opportunity to reconnect with the women who helped make you (and keep you) who you are.

Introducing Maggy Takes Miami, the ultimate girlfriend getaway! We jetted off to sunny Miami, Florida for a week of quality time with a few of our favorite ladies – some familiar faces you might recognize! Enjoy this special sneak peek into our Spring 2019 launch and stay tuned over the next four weeks as we show you our full collection of spring pieces, designed with your best days in mind.


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Fun Colors, Soft Fabrics: 3 Playful Prints in Little Havana
Inspired by the sights & sounds of Little Havana, Miami’s hidden gem, watch along as three of our most playful prints move across a backdrop so beautiful, we couldn’t wait any longer to show you.


Solid & Structured: Your Warm Weather Cocktail Hour, Decoded
Enjoy this lookbook inspired by the sleek sophistication of Miami’s Design District and take a peek at three structured pieces designed to keep you chic from the first *clink* to the last.


Green & Pink: Sunny Colors for Day Occasions
We took to the streets to photograph our most colorful collection against the beautiful backdrop of Española Way – Miami’s historic Spanish village.



Neutrals: Your Chicest Dinner al Fresco: Watch on April 18