The Tuxedo Edit: 3 Pieces That Prove Tuxedo Dressing is Here to Stay

Attention, ladies! We’re coming back to you today with one of our biggest trend alerts ever. Two words: Tuxedo. Dressing. You read that right! You’ve seen our designers draw inspiration from menswear prints and fabrics, but this style moment has blossomed into a full blown black tie affair!

Sleek, structured, and undeniably chic, these polished pieces are perfect for everything from your biggest meetings to your poshest parties (and based on the excitement we’ve already seen swirling around, we can definitely say that they’re here to stay!).

Keep scrolling to see our friend Holly Boyd, founder and author of Make Today a Hollyday, show off three pieces she can’t get enough of.

So, what do you say? Ready to get suited up?


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The Toni Tuxedo Dress in Black

Our Toni dress has already created quite the buzz! See what all the hype is about.

I have been looking for a killer tuxedo dress for ages and of course, Maggy made the perfect version! With this quality, I would expect to pay 3x the price. Grab one now!
— Janci M.

The Toni Tuxedo Dress in Ivory

The Sana Jumpsuit

Get Suited Up