How Elsi Works

Here’s the thing—Women. Are. Amazing. We’re innovative. We’re strategic. We’re purposeful. And we work. Hard. That’s why at Maggy London, we never get tired of supplying you with tips, tools, and style staples to help you along the way. 

Introducing Expressions of Workwear: a month-long extravaganza celebrating the unique ways in which women work. What we do, where we go, who we meet, and what we wear. We’ve teamed up with some of the brightest, boldest, boss-est women we know to take a peek into their wardrobes and reveal the pieces that honor their individual personalities, styles, and lives. 

Meet Elsi

A business strategist with a passion for paying it forward, Elsi is a lifelong learner with big plans for the future—and the expertise to get her there!

Elsi is a business strategist, but what does that really mean?

“I make sure that businesses’ strategies and internal processes are taken care of by bringing them back to the core of their business to see what’s working and what’s not working. A day-to-day usually consists of checking in with my clients and making sure that their online presence is still good from where I left it. I can’t do everything, but I certainly know who can (and how to make their business run more efficiently!). ”


“I won’t take on more than know I can handle, because I want to make sure I can give it my all.”

Elsi is wearing our Chelsea dress.

curating skills in a creative way

“I always used to offer to work for free. That’s how I learned! I totally encourage people to barter. Do whatever you can to learn new skills. People ask, ‘Oh, did you go to school for that?’ Nope! Taught myself. ‘An intern at 30?’ You bet! But you know what? I’m here now.”


“I have always taken what I’ve learned and applied it to the next level of my life.”

Elsi is wearing our Hope dress.

Unapologetic hustle—supported by style!

“I always make sure that if I’m walking into a meeting, I’m going to own that meeting—and my style needs to match! It’s important that I feel powerful and that I feel gorgeous. That I’m going to rule the world that day.”


“I want to command attention when I’m in a room.”

Looking forward to paying it forward

“I want to work with young women to help them put value on who they are and what they do. I’ve always fought to be treated equally, and I want to help women to fight a little bit harder. I want women to empower themselves, because we have it. It’s just a matter of teaching that. In 2020, I am launching a new business called Link Up Level Up. I want to connect people to link up, so they can level up together.”

Where to find Elsi

Visit Elsi’s website here or keep up with her on Instagram at @elsimpacheco.

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