Women Who Make a Difference: Meet Jessica Lisboa

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In the deepest, darkest moments in your day, there is something bright to find. When you can’t find it for yourself, think of the people who love you...the people who are around you and cheering you on, wanting to see the best of you.
— Jessica Lisboa
Jessica is wearing our  Blanche Midi

Jessica is wearing our Blanche Midi


Meet Jessica Lisboa: Co-founder of the BelovED Community Charter School. Award-winning theatre educator & director. Author of This Season’s Gold. Advocate for mothers who have lost a child.


  • A World of Experience: Before her career as an educator, Jessica found her roots hustling on the busy trading floor in New York City and working as the personal assistant to Latin singer Marc Anthony.
  • Giving Back: Jessica is the co-founder of the BelovED Community Charter School, created from the motivation to give young people in her hometown a space to receive great education...and her passion doesn't go unnoticed! Jessica was honored at the Tony Awards after being nominated by her students.
  • Finding Inspiration: Jessica authors This Season’s Gold: A blog she created following the loss of her daughter, Ava. Covering everything from style tips to travel tricks, Jessica encourages women to feel inspired during challenging times.
  • Looking Forward: Jessica is in the process of creating an organization called Raise a Heart. Her goal? To build a supportive community of families who have survived the loss of a child.

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