Petite Dressing with Anne Cutler

Ah, the plights of being a petite woman — too long here, too loose there, and way too much everywhere else! We totally get that being a petite lady can get a little bit frustrating at times, and we don't think that you should ever have to choose between staying fashionable and finding the perfect fit. That's where we come in! We teamed up with our friend Anne Cutler to show you the ins and outs of petite dressing

As a petite lady who spends a ton of time in front of the camera (Anne is an anchor at FOX 5 DC), it's important that Anne is always dressed to impress! Read along as she shares some of her favorite petite styles.

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1. Love a Little Volume? Balance It Out

Over the years, someone has probably told you to avoid anything ruffly, confidently collared, or statement sleeved. Well, we disagree. We say rock all of those fun details, but balance it out! In the mood to play with volume? Compliment it with a fitted silhouette, and voilà! You're good to go.

2. Try a Non-Print Print

Every petite lady knows that a too-intense print can overwhelm your frame and leave you lost in a mess of colors and shapes. Our solution? The non-print print. Enjoy all the fun of a print without the annoyance.

3. Flirt with a Flounce

Want to add a few inches for the evening? Try a dress with fun flounce detailing at the hem. The right silhouette can elongate your figure and give you an easy 1-2-3 hourglass. Win-win!