Women Who Make a Difference: Meet Holly Toronto

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Introducing Holly Toronto

I really believe that we can change the world when women feel empowered in their bodies...knowing that they’re inherently worthy and deserving of living the life they want to live and making the impact that they want to make in the body that they’re in today.
— Holly Toronto
Holly is wearing our  Lucia Midi

Holly is wearing our Lucia Midi


Meet Holly Toronto: A certified Holistic Health Coach specializing in body image, Holly’s personal journey led her to support other women on their missions to reclaim confidence and relearn self-love.  


  • Challenging Norms: Holly is trained in the Transformational Coaching Method through the Health Coach Institute. She works towards replacing damaging diet culture with a society that supports self-love and body positivity.
  • Fighting for You: Holly is the founder of Love Your Body: a liberating health & wellness coaching program designed to teach women how to 1) love their bodies and 2) create healthy relationships with food, free from body shame. Through private and group programs, she teaches women how to release their bodies from unrealistic expectation.
  • Following Her Path: Holly aims to create and grow an online platform for women to come together and support each other in loving their bodies and living the life they desire in the body they are in.
  • Making a Connection: Holly hosts workshops and appears on panels discussing self-love and body positivity. She is also active on social media, where you can find her doing inspiring webinars!

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