Spring in Texas: Meet Elaine

At Maggy London, we’ve been doing everything we can to make this year the year of the woman. You’ve seen the power of women featured in Women Who Make a Difference, the beauty of women celebrated in Fit For All, and the endurance of women flexed in A Day in the Life…but there was still one very important woman we needed to meet: you

That’s why this year, we decided to pack our bags and take our Spring extravaganza on the road. Our destination: Texas. 

Stay tuned over the next two weeks as five of our best customers become the stars of our Spring 2018 photoshoots. Excited? We are!


Meet Elaine: a tech-savvy mother who loves fashion as much as she loves breaking stereotypes. 

Keep scrolling to watch a fun video, read our interview with Elaine + flip through some photos (featuring the most beautiful view of downtown Dallas).



I work in Dallas, and I work in technology, I’ve been doing contracting for Southwest Airlines for 8 years. I have a support team and it’s stressful around-the-clock work, so I have to really work hard to find balance.

I have worked in technology since 1995 and was always the only woman in the group. I find technology another creative outlet (from my practical side). I raised three children and was a single mother working during a time when there was no work-life balance, and women had to work even harder to prove they were capable. 

I love art, music, and dancing, and enjoy my urban garden. 


It’s very important the way I look and the way I dress in the morning. Since I work in technology and I work with all men, I really need to feel powerful because I do not want them to diminish anything that they think that I am...When I get up in the morning, I make sure my hair is perfect, my makeup is perfect, and most definitely what I’m wearing is going to look great. When I walk out on the street, I feel 100% powerful.


I had seen something that I had to have. I just thought it was beautiful and breathtaking but they did not have my size, so I decided, well I’m going to go to the website of the brand. So, I went to the website and I found it in my size and I was hooked. When I started buying Maggy London I found the quality was so beautiful. The details, pockets, zippers, lining, and I said to myself, I’ve been buying these other designer brands for all these years and they don’t have that quality. And that’s something that I really love about Maggy London


Spring in Dallas is so awesome...you can take walks down to the farmers' markets, you can walk to the museums, there’s so much going on on the weekends that makes it so beautiful and then, of course, we already have the trees starting to bloom and it’s fabulous. I love Spring in Dallas.


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