Valentine's Day Guide: Wined & Dined with Maria East

featuring Guest Author Maria East of Up & Away –  with M.E.


Every Valentine’s Day, Jay and I make plans to do something special...Whether it’s a short getaway or a cozy movie night at home, we never miss the opportunity to celebrate. I’m all for appreciating your significant other throughout the year (not just on one particular day) however, it’s always a nice excuse for a romantic evening out, dinner, drinks — which is exactly what we had in mind this year. After dinner, we're taking a walk through one of my favorite parks in the city and will continue our celebration at home with champagne and chocolates.

I picked out this dress because the pink shade, ultra-feminine silhouette & frilled-hem make it the quintessential Valentine’s Day dress! I'm pairing it with indigo-blue satin shoes because to bring out the lovely pink shade. Crystal drop earrings add a little sparkle and a dusty light pink faux fur coat bring a touch of glamour. 


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