A Day in the Life with Maria Wiemann, VP & GC at WorldLink


For anyone searching for cloud solutions, big data analytics, and hard to find talent in the growing world of technology, WorldLink headquartered in Frisco, Texas is a go-to partner. Founded in 1998 by Adil and Zenobia Adi, moving into a new decade with CEO Barjis Ghadially, WorldLink is celebrating its 20th anniversary and opportunities for future growth. WorldLink partners with and contributes to the success of companies like Alcatel Lucent, AT&T, Samsung, Verizon, Freeman, Box, Nissan, Texas Commerce Bank, Rent-A-Center and more. 

Leading the legal department is Maria Wiemann

When she joined WorldLink in 2011, she brought experience on the defense and plaintiff side of labor & employment law and immigration law, being a founding member of a homeschool group and homeschooling four children for eight years. She credits her faith and diverse experiences as the source of the critical ability to “listen and provide solutions” to support WorldLink’s present and future growth.

The legal department supports every part of WorldLink’s growth including corporate transactions, mergers & acquisitions, compliance, employee relations, immigration, community mentoring and leadership.

So, what does it really take to head a dynamic & fluid legal department? Take a look at Maria’s day below to find out.

I am a Type A Personality (so I love to organize, plan and schedule), but life requires us to be fluid with our priorities and plans! Here's a look at what one of my days might look like: 

5.30 a.m. Wake up to my husband and children (21, 19, 15, & 13) clamoring for coffee. I throw on some clothes so that I can get a workout in. My husband takes our three sons (who he homeschools) to exercise. My daughter will leave for classes at UTD. When the boys get back, I am usually ready to leave the house. I quickly drink some freshly squeezed vegetable juice, say my goodbyes and head out the door to start my commute to Frisco.

8.30 a.m. I love attending morning mass at St. Francis in Frisco. Getting there in time is dependent on traffic, but it is always a good day when I get to go to...food for my soul. It keeps me grounded and helps me strive to be a better person. After mass, I will head to my office!

9.30 a.m. Time to get into the office and greet the WorldLink team! As I set things down in my office, I get an update from team members. This lets me know if I need to re-order my priorities and plans. I check my to-do tracker and jump in.

10.00 a.m. Team meeting. We review the projects each team member is leading and discuss any new priorities that need to be assigned. We also go over any critical deadlines and how we can help each other get projects finished. 

11.00 a.m. Continuing legal education is usually scheduled for about an hour. It is important for lawyers to keep up with changing laws, updated processes, and new issues that are relevant to our areas of practice and business.

12.00 p.m. Lunch is usually quick. I try to drink more vegetable juice while I work. However, if I have a planned lunch meeting I can enjoy all types of food including Indian, Thai, Japanese, Korean, American, and so much more.  

1.30 p.m. Meetings with other team leaders to discuss goals and how the legal department can support those goals. We meet with Big Data, Recruiting, Sales, Marketing, HR and finance every week.

3.00 p.m. Meeting with the CEO to discuss the goals and achievements of the legal team. These weekly meetings are critical to ensure that we are on track for big projects.

4.00 p.m. Office time! I review emails and work on my individual projects. Make calls to external counsel and review my team members' projects. Office time makes me available to everyone at WorldLink when they have specific questions that require my input.

5.30 p.m. Walk around the office to speak to team members in other departments. This lets other teams know that Legal is ready and present to help them! Building relationships makes the Legal team more approachable and gives us the opportunity to support the whole company.

6.00 p.m. Continue to catch up on projects and update my projects tracker for the next day.

7.00 p.m. Life after work can be anything – Attending a networking event, meeting up with friends or my sister, heading home for a nice quiet family dinner (cooked by my master chef husband), or going on a date night with my hubby.

9.00 p.m. Check my emails and complete any work that needs to be finished. Get things organized for the next morning.

11.00 p.m. Time for bed!

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