One Year Later: Women Who Make a Difference

As we celebrate one whole year (Can you believe it?!) of Women Who Make a Difference, we decided to take a look back at some of your favorite ladies to see what they’ve been up to since we first met.

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Danielle Kayembe

Let’s catch up with Danielle Kayembe — our first WWMAD ever!
When we met, Danielle was a serial entrepreneur focusing her energies around empowering women economically and personally. Want to know what she’s up to today? Keep scrolling to learn about 4 exciting accomplishments she’s welcomed since October 2017!

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  1. Wrote a paper called The Silent Rise of the Female Driven Economy, which was read & shared by 100,000 viewers.

  2. Featured in Forbes to discuss why products designed by women are the next big thing.

  3. Was interviewed on CNBC about the gender gap in tech.

  4. Was name a 2018 Ariane de Rothschild Fellow & was selected to attend the prestigious annual fellowship, held at Windsor Castle.

I love the life I’ve created, dedicated to empowering other women. I’m proud to wake up everyday and work with incredible people — to try to chance the world in small and big ways. Women are the future and I’m so excited to be a part of shaping that.
— Danielle Kayembe

Jena Booher

Let’s check in with Jena! As mental health expert, public speaker and writer dedicated to empowering women and ending the motherhood penalty by keeping working mamas working, this boss lady’s days have been anything but boring.

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  1. Rebranded herself as a strategic culture consultant focusing on creating sustainable workplace cultures

  2. Reached the t-minus two years checkpoint on her journey to earning a PhD in Mental Health Counseling.

  3. Surpassed her Wall Street salary as an entrepreneur — something she “never thought could happen.”

Fun Fact: When she's not in the library or at her clients' offices, you can find Jena hanging out at home with her 4 year old daughter, Siena.

Cynthia Hellen

Since we last met, Cynthia has continued her work to create sustainable products, services, and experiences for people and planet. 

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  1. Expanded her company (SMPLCT Lab) to West Africa, India, and additional South American countries.

  2. Introduced YWSE (a nonprofit that Cynthia serves as the NY Chapter Leader of) to two cities in India.

  3. The Winning Women event series celebrated its one-year anniversary and had nine events focused on providing tools and lessons learned various experts.

Cynthia’s Secret: How to Make a Difference in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Step out of your comfort zone: "You don't know where it may lead when you make decisions to remove yourself from what you know"

  2. Connect with the people around you: "This is reality for everyone. This is the real world. These are issues right now that are happening everyday. It motivates you to keep keep working."

  3. Believe that you are talented: "Believe in yourself that you can do this. Gather a group of people who believe in you...that you can do this, that you will do this."

Alysia Reiner

Our friend Alysia Reiner — a pioneer in content made for women, by women — has had one busy year!

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  1. Currently shooting season 7 Orange is the New Black, season 3 of Better Things & just wrapped season 2 of The Deuce.

  2. Launched three collaborations of ethical, activist fashion pieces that give back with her company, LIVARI.

I’ve always been a person who doesn’t really believe in just talking about something or complaining about anything. Just go change it.
— Alysia Reiner

Kim Kaupe

Since we last met, this female founder/Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree/believer in big dreams & ideas has introduced some exciting updates to her company.

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  1. Rebranded her company from ZinePak to The Superfan Company — “We are very excited about this newest development as we build our brand into other areas outside of traditional entertainment”

  2. Welcomed new music festival into her portfolio of clients: Boston Calling!

Turn situations that might make you feel uncomfortable — that you’re one of only six women [in a room] — and instead look at it from a place of power...from a place of ‘Well great, this means that I will just be more memorable to the people that I want to meet.’
— Kim Kaupe

Gloria Feldt

On a mission to inspire women to lead and live without limits, Gloria has spent her time doing exactly that.

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  1. Launched 50 Women Can Change the World, a series of immersive training programs. — “It is so exciting and inspiring to me to see women grow and make phenomenal career breakthroughs as a result of these courses.”

  2. Started writing a weekly column on Medium.

  3. Honored in the Forbes 40 Over Forty feature.

Something that has guided my life, in general, is just say yes. If there’s an opportunity there, give it a try, because you never know.
— Gloria Feldt

Holly Toronto

Since her Women Who make a Difference feature in May 2018, there have been so many exciting developments in Holly’s business! Let’s see what she’s been up to…

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  1. Launched a free challenge in June focused on increasing confidence, ditching diets & making opening new opportunities — “Some are launching a business while others are deciding to run a 5k. It's so inspiring!” — the challenge was such a success that Holly offered it again in September and is currently in the beginning stages of transforming this challenge into a longer more robust program. Her goal? To support people in loving their bodies unconditionally.

I really believe that we can change the world when women feel empowered in their bodies...knowing that they’re inherently worthy and deserving of living the life they want to live and making the impact that they want to make in the body that they’re in today.
— Holly Toronto

Yoli Chisholm

Though it’s only been a few short months since we first met, Yoli already has some exciting news to report!

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  1. Became the Marketing Vice President at Sprinklr, the world’s leading social media management platform — “It’s an exciting journey in my career development with lots of opportunity to shine in my fabulous Maggy London dresses!”

Noëlle Santos

With the launch of The Lit Bar, on the horizon, Noëlle (aka the woman bringing books back to the Bronx) has been one busy lady since we first met in August.

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  1. Graced the cover of Crain’s New York Business…in this Maggy London dress!

  2. Started building “a founding team of reading influencers” to launch the Lit Bar with integrity & intention.

  3. Appeared on The Great American Read, a PBS segments exploring the power of books and the joy of reading.

I want the world to be reading with me. I want girls and boys of all ages, different backgrounds to know that reading is cool... And it’s a form of entertainment. Reading is the foundation for any type of learning
— Noëlle Santos

Jaime Diglio

Believe it or not, our newest Women Who Makes a Difference feature — Jaime Diglio, an entrepreneur dedicated to building leadership, growing diversity & driving culture change — already has a few updates to share!

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Shop Jaime’s dress here.


  1. Launched the Connecticut Chapter of Empowering a Billion Women.

  2. Kicked off the #FindYourPositive program for burnt out corporate professionals looking to make a change. Through the program, Jaime coached leaders on how to redefine their purpose and stand in their strength — “These courageous men and women are committed to changing their habits, so they can play big and finally design the life they want.”

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