3 Nuggets of Wisdom to Start 2018 Strong

featuring Guest Author Lauren Chiarello of Chi Chi Life


The holidays are a joyful and magical time, but can really derail our self-care and workout routines...Raise your hand if this is you! (I know I can totally relate.) As a fitness instructor, fundraising event planner and cancer advocate, I juggle a lot of goodness and my schedule is often a big puzzle. Here are 3 tips to start your new year off with a BANG!


1. Start a Gratitude Journal


Simply write down 3 things you’re grateful for every day. Why? Studies show that when we deliberately cultivate gratitude, we can increase our well-being and happiness. Also, gratitude can improve many areas of our lives — personality (more optimistic, more self-esteem), health (better sleep, increased energy), emotional (more resilience, happier memories), social (more friendly, deeper relationships), and career (better management, increased productivity). I hope this is a helpful tool for you!


2. Schedule Your Workouts With a Friend


I adore sweating it out next to my bestie! Your friends will hold you accountable and it’s a super fun way to get together. You can always grab a tea/smoothie post-class to catch up. Perhaps try a new type of class or exercise that you’ve been curious about...you may surprise yourself and fall in love with a new method! (Hint, hint: come take my Pilates, TRX + Barre classes in NYC at Exhale and Flex Studios!)


3. Write Down 5 Accomplishments From 2017


Oftentimes, we only look ahead. We forget to reflect back on our hard work and achievements. I did this exercise last month and felt super proud! Here’s my juicy list:

  1. Taught and led my first fitness, adventure and culture retreat (which also happened to be sheer across the world at Sharing Bali in Indonesia).
  2. Ran my first international half marathon — thank you, Banff Half Marathon!
  3. Nominated for America’s Most Inspiring Trainer by Reebok and Well + Good.
  4. Shared my story through articles, interviews and public speaking in the hopes of helping others.
  5. Led a Core Fusion Barre fundraising class at Exhale to benefit cancer nonprofit Imerman Angels in Chicago with a rockstar I reached out to on Instagram after learning about her fight with breast cancer.

From there, perhaps you can start to carve out a few goals for 2018. I like to look at my past adventures and use them as building blocks for the year ahead.

Cheers to an epic 2018, filled with joy, laughter, adventure, self-love and taking risks!