Your Guide to Petite Dressing

featuring Guest Author Karen Leano of Paris and a Latte


Confession: I'm the last one to admit this, but Fall is just around the corner. I've been trying to prolong it (soaking in the summer sun, water balloon fights with the kids playing, grilling in the backyard, late night ice cream runs with the whole family), but there's a certain crispness in the air that's inevitable. Summer is officially going into hibernation. As sad as I am about this, Fall always brings with it a sense of refresh...especially with fashion. Fall is our chance to revamp wardrobes and experiment with trends. 

Recently, I've been on the hunt for great quality dresses that allow me to move effortlessly from Summer to Fall. Imagine this: dresses that look just as great with summer wedges and ankle strap sandals as they do with fall-friendly tights, cute sock booties and fun moto jackets.  

As a petite woman, dresses that are 1) stylish and 2) fit well are few and far between...until I met Maggy London Petites (Where has she been all my life?). The minute I pulled up the zipper of the first dress, I was amazed by the fit. These dresses hug my curves in all the right places and flare out at the point on the hip that flatters my shape (instead of making me look frumpy). The best part? They're not too long! Being 5'3, dress lengths are always too long. Maggy London Petites? They're perfect.  

I love how Maggy London Petite dresses are classy and timeless without sacrificing trend (And let me tell you, from cold shoulder details to large tie front bows, the brand clearly knows their trends).  My absolute favorite, by far, is the famous Illusion Dress...Can I just saw wow?! I felt like Audrey Hepburn with its figure flattering silhouette and mesh detailing at the neckline. Just stunning. What girl doesn't want to give off Audrey vibes?

With the new season approaching, I'm excited to update my look and show off my new best friend, Maggy London. (She's the kind of friend who never lets you leave the house looking bad). 


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